1. Peacemaker

From the recording Peacemaker

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Written, recorded and produced by Brian Kahanek
Lyrics: Brian and Jill Kahanek
Matthew 5:9


With salted earth and hearts of stone
The Devils' come to take his own
And the fools all laugh about it

They pull the roots and sow their scorn
With no love for anyone
Yeah, but we all mourn about it

Can't you hear the voice that's calling?
Peacemaker, yeah what are you gunna do?

The proof of life can't be found
In world turned upside down
Yeah, we're on the road to ruin

Close the windows and bar the doors
The Spirit's not here anymore
Yeah and we won't live without it

Awakened by a whisper
Peacemaker, yeah what are you gunna do?
When the Devil comes for you?

Fear not, Peacemakers cause he's inside of you
Peacemaker, yeah you know what you gotta do

You can hear his voice it's calling
New Babylon is falling
Peacemaker, yeah it's up to you