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"At first glance Brian Kahanek's music catches you with his incredible guitar work. When you spin it again you find an artist that has amazing depth. Each track stands firmly on its own and in context with the rest of the CD. You then realize you have just discovered an artist with a fresh and realized vision.

Imagine Eric Clapton and Lyle Lovett getting together for a jam or Jimi Hendrix and The Wallflowers collaborating on a CD. Then you might get a taste of where he is coming from. Stripped of the superficial you are left with a feeling that this guy really wants to speak to you with his heart."  

- Kristall Music News



I just wrapped two demo videos of the new Fulltone Plimsoul MKII

A great pedal, check it out!!

New Track - April 2021

2020 NEWS

2016 LA AMP SHOW - "Player's Paradise" panel appearance 

Howdy Friends, 
I've been asked to be on the "Players Paradise" panel at the
2016 LA AMP SHOW - Sunday Oct. 2nd 11am.

Loni and crew always make it a great time to catch up with good friends
and check out the latest and greatest happening in Guitarland :) 

Hope to see you there!

"After each listen of Rise to Shine, I always discover
something new... For me it is one of the best guitar albums of
the past year... Well done Sir!"

- Leonardt Breuken / Grand Guitars Magazine

Live in Studio - Series