BK's GUITAR LODGE - EP1 "The White Strat"

A great room helps creates great music!

I'm here at the Loon Lake Lodge in Bigfork Montana doing some pickin' with my favorite guitars and gear.

BK's guitar lodge is all about tone and how to get your best performances with gear that's the most suited for you.

Episode 1 "The White Strat" This guitar is a mutt. It's a 2012 '56 Fender American Vintage ash body w/ a 2017 '59 Fender American Vintage neck. Loaded with a custom set of Sheptone Strat pickups. "Good enough for leo" in the neck and middle and a late 60's grey bottom w/ a base plate in the bridge. Strung with Sheptone Strings 10-46. Tuned to 432 then down 1/2 step. Most of my guitars are set to 432. Amp: Victoria Victoriette 6v6 1x12 20watts Pedalboard: TC Poly Tune - Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah - Fulltone Dejavibe MDV-1 (Converted to 18v and modded by Mike) - Prescription Electronics Experience Pedal - J Rockett "Lenny" Boost - Fulltone Fulldrive 2 v2 - Fulltone 90's Supatrem - Voodoo Labs analog chorus (best mono chorus!) - TC Electronics Alter Ego X4. All wired up with 3 Monkeys Solderless cable.

In the next episode I plan to close mike the amp to add to the camera's stereo room mikes.

Play on!

Cheers BK

May 17, 2023 - New Kahaneks Single "Coming Home"

Coming Home

The Kahaneks


Coming Home

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Brian Kahanek - Vocals / Guitar / Producer Jill Kahanek - Penny Whistle Scott Kesterson - Cajon

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April 5, 2023 - New Track "Amazing Grace"

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